What to wear with thigh high boots

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Deciding what to wear with thigh high boots can all depend on the occasion you are wearing them to. For something quite casual a pair of skinny jeans are easy to wear with thigh high boots, fitting easily inside them no matter their style, then deciding the rest of the outfit to wear with your thigh high boots is much simpler. To finish off this casual appearance a knitted jumper or layering some thinner tops is perfect.

A lot of people may like thigh high boots, but not know what to wear with them to avoid looking over dressed. The type of thigh high boots may help the decision of what to wear with thigh high boots, for example the casual look described may suit those that are flat and made of a matte finish fabric such as suede. For a sexier look, leather is a popular choice and a style that has a heel.

What to wear with thigh high boots changes if you are going for a more daring look. When you intend to bare a bit of flesh and are out to impress the most common item to wear with thigh high boots would be a skirt, whether this is mini or micro depends on you. Perfect if you want to look sexy and to keep your legs warm at the same time!

It takes confidence to go out wearing something like thigh high boots in this way, they aren’t something for the faint hearted.

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